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OUSA Library has 112 books in the Origami Database.
Author Title ISBN
Ansill, Jay Lifestyle Origami 0060968672
Ansill, Jay Lifestyle Origami 0060968672
Asahi, Isamu Origami Greeting Cards. 0804815879
Asahi, Isamu Origami Greeting Cards. 0804815879
Beynon, Jeff BOS Booklet 37: Jeff Ori 3 BOB037
Beynon, Jeff BOS Booklet 38: Fourigami BOB038
Biddle, Steve and Megumi New Origami 0312080379
Bolt, Ray BOS Booklet 09: Magic with Origami BOB009
Boursin, Didier Origami Airplanes 1552096165
Boursin, Didier Pliages Utiles 2040217762
Budai, Peter Dinos and Friends 9634504604
Budai, Peter Realm of Paper 9636507635
Campbell, Margaret W. Paper Toy Making. 0486216624
Cerceda, Adolfo Folding Money pppp
Corrie, Edwin BOS Booklet 26: Animal Origami BOB026
d'Auria, Pasquale QQM 29, VOGLIA DI MARE QQM029
Davidson, Georgie Origami 0883320274
Engel, Peter Origami from AngelFish to Zen 0486281388
FOCA FOCA Origami Convention 1981 FOCA1981
FOCA FOCA Origami Convention 1983 FOCA1983
FOCA FOCA Origami Convention 1984 FOCA1984
FOCA FOCA Origami Convention 1986 FOCA1986
Fuse, Tomoko Cranes and Fans 4480872213
Fuse, Tomoko Decoration Boxes- Origami Collection. 4480872019
Fuse, Tomoko Lets Fold Spirals 4480872027
Fuse, Tomoko Multidimensional Transformations Unit Origami 0870408526
Fuse, Tomoko New World 1: Box Freedom 1 4480871411
Fuse, Tomoko New World 2: Box Freedom 2 448087142X
Fuse, Tomoko Origami Action Models 4416392109
Fuse, Tomoko Origami Boxes 0870408216
Fuse, Tomoko Origami Boxes 0870408216
Fuse, Tomoko Origami Boxes from a Single Sheet 4480872035
Fuse, Tomoko Origami Kiruto (Origami Quilts) 4480872612
Fuse, Tomoko Origami Supairaru (Origami Spirals) 4480872620
Fuse, Tomoko Seven Types of Transforming Units 4480870954
Fuse, Tomoko Unit Origami - Growing Polyhedrons. 4480870946
Fuse, Tomoko World unit Origami 4416388268
Giunta, Alfredo Divertitevi con Origami CastelloAG03
Giunta, Alfredo Origami gli Insetti CastelloAG01
Gray, Alice Magic of Origami 0870403907
Grupo Riglos El Libro de Las Mascaras de Papel Plegado 8420608289
Harbin, Robert New Adventures in Origami 0064635554
Harbin, Robert Origami 2 0340153849
Harbin, Robert Origami 3 034016655X
Harbin, Robert Origami 4 0340218223
Harbin, Robert Paper Magic MAX1
Honda, Isao World of Origami 0870403834
Jackson & Guy BOS Booklet 17: Origami Games BOB017
Jackson, Paul BOS Booklet 11: Flexagons BOB011
Jackson, Paul BOS Booklet 16: 18 of My Paper Folds BOB016
Jackson, Paul BOS Booklet 20: Origami Christmas Tree Decorations BOB020
Jackson, Paul Encyclopedia of Origami & Papercaft Techniques 1561380636
Kasahara, Kunihiko Origami Made Easy 0870402536
Kasahara, Kunihiko Top Origami. 4387850965
Kasahara, Kunihiko Viva Origami 0376830082
Kawahata, Fumiaki Wild Animals of the World 4900747114
Kawai, Toyoaki Colorful Origami 0064640744
Kawai, Toyoaki Japans Creative Origami 4586540354
Kawamura, Akira Origami Animals in the new style 4763630784
Kawasaki, Toshikazu Roses, Origami and Mathematics 4627016719
Kenneway, Eric Folding Faces 0448225573
Kenneway, Eric Origami in action. 0852190824
Kenneway, Eric Simple Origami 0852190743
LaFosse, Michael F-14 Tomcat LaFosse01
Lang, Robert J. Origami Animals 1850764042
Lewis, Shari Folding Paper Toys Lewis01
Mason, Dan BOS Booklet 19: Anthony OHare Creations 1973-1982 BOB019
Mitchell, David Mathematical Origami 189961818X
Momotani, Yoshihide Origami Vehicles 4416386109
Momotani, Yoshihide Trick Origami 0870409298
Morassi, Roberto Origami per Pinocchio Castello04
NOA Origami de Christmas 493129703X
Nolan, J. C. Creating Origami 1889856029
OUSA OUSA Convention Book 1995 OUSAC1995
Ow, Francis More Origami Hearts OW001
Ow, Francis Origami Hearts 0870409573
Palacios, Vicente Fascinante Papiroflexia 8472102629
Petty, David BOS Booklet 30: Paper People and other pointers BOB030
Petty, David BOS Booklet 40: The Genius of Jan Willem Derksen BOB040
Petty, David BOS Booklet 46: Modular Construction and Twists BOB046
Randlett, Samuel Art of Origami 0571063527
Randlett, Samuel Best of Origami 0571102751
Robinson, Nick Fold with Feeling GOB0001
Row, T. Sundara Geometric Exercises in Paper Folding 0486215945
Sano, Yasuhiro Paper Folding for Fun Origami 1 4886430082
Saragosa Group Papiroflexia: A Vueltas con el Papel SG001
Schoolcraft Saunders, Mary Chloe Spread Your Wings and Fly: An Origami Fold and Tell 0966289218
Shen, Philip BOS Booklet 18: Philip Shen Selected Geometric Folds BOB018
Shumakov Origami Chic Shumakov2001
Smith, John BOS Booklet 14: Pureland Origami BOB014
Smith, John BOS Booklet 43: Pureland 3 BOB043
Sojusha ORU 12 ORU12
Soong, Maying Art of Chinese Paper Folding 0486418065
Stamm Dragon Stamm01
Takahama, Toshie Creative Life with Creative Origami 1 837706916
Takahama, Toshie Creative Life with Creative Origami 1 837706916
Takahama, Toshie Creative Life with Creative Origami 2 4837711901
Takahama, Toshie Joy of Origami 4079741855
Temko, Florence Paper Pandas and Jumping Frogs 0835117707
Venables, Dave BOS Booklet 07: Chess Sets BOB007
Venables, Dave BOS Booklet 10: Neal Elias Selected Works 1964-1973 BOB010
Venables, Dave BOS Booklet 15: Max Hulme Selected Works 1973-1979 BOB015
Venables, Dave BOS Booklet 34: Neal Elias - Miscellaneous Folds 1 BOB034
Venables, Dave BOS Booklet 35: Neal Elias - Miscellaneous Folds 2 BOB035
Venables, Dave BOS Booklet 36: Neal Elias - Faces and Busts BOB036
Wall, Martin BOS Booklet 12: Martin Wall Early Works BOB012
Wenninger, Magnus J. Polyhedron Models for the Classroom Wenninger001
Yenn, Thoki BOS Booklet 13: Orikata BOB013
Yoshino, Issei Origami Skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex OH03
Yoshino, Issei Origami Skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex Maple01
Yoshizawa, Akira Origami Museum 1 0870407376
Yoshizawa, Akira Origami Tokuhon 1 (Origami Reader 1) 4821604086