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The Origami Model Database is searching for volunteers who can submit model photographs for use in the Origami Database. If you have a photograph that you would like to send, please use the form below to email us, ensuring you have attached the picture.

The file MUST be a jpeg, bitmap, GIF, TIF or PNG and should be no more than 600 pixels wide.

For more details, please read our Upload guidelines for help with photo submission.

Model Information: please check that this is the correct model
Model Name: Crab
Designer/Creator: Montroll, John Book Title: Animal Origami for the Enthusiast
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OR, instead of uploading an image, you may link to one
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--- only use images for which you have permission to post
--- only use direct links to images. (Note. Currently Picasa does not allow this)
How to get the direct picture link from Flickr

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Please press the submit button only ONCE. There may be a delay in the processing before the 'Thank You' screen shows. This is normal.
To get the full picture link from Flickr
  • Firstly find the photograph you want to submit a link to
  • Now click on "Share This" icon above the photo and then select "Grab the HTML/BBCode".
  • About halfway down the memo box there will be an area that looks like this src="http:// ....... .jpg"
  • Everything inside the " " is the address to use for the database e.g.
For other websites
  • Usually, click on the picture so that the picture is all that is being shown
  • Cut and paste the URL from the browser address box into the Link box in the ODB form above